CLASSIC MANICURE                                          $20/45min   

Add a touch of glam to your hands with our Classic Manicure.

This manicure includes cuticle treatment and nail shaping.

Finish off with the classic polish or your choice.

CLASSIC PEDICURE                                             $40/45min

A treat for the feet! An aromatic vitamin packed foot soak is

followed by an exfoliating scrub and hot towel wrap.

Moisturizing lotion gently smooths and seals the skin and toes

are topped off with your choice of classic polish.     

LOTUS SIGNATURE MANICURE                            $30/60min 

This indulgent treatment is like a facial for the hands including

soaking, exfoliation and massage. Finish off with your choice

of a classic polish.


LOTUS SIGNAURE PEDICURE                                $65/60min

A truly therapeutic treatment specifically designed to alleviate

tension in the feet and promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Precise care is taken to trim and shape the nails and cuticles,

soften calluses and exfoliate the legs and feet. Next comes

a relaxing foot massage followed by a hydrating mask

to nourish the skin. Refine with a coat of the perfect classic polish.

GENTLEMAN'S MANICURE                                  $15/30min

A basic manicure with clear or no polish

GENTLEMAN'S PEDICURE                                     $32/45min

An exfoliating foot scrub followed by a hot towel wrap

OPI GEL MANICURE                                               $35/60min

OPI POWDER DIP MANICURE                                $40/75min

ACRYLIC FULL SET                                                 $45/75min

ACRYLIC FILL IN                                                    $28/60min


*PRICES MAY BE ADJUSTED TO FIT YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS*